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Small front garden ideas - 10 inspirational ways to make a great first impression

5 April 2023

Small Front Garden Ideas - 10 Inspirational Ways To Make A Great First Impression

If you think your front garden is a purely functional space – somewhere for your recycling bins or a bike store – then think again. No matter its size, your small front garden ideas...

What colour should you paint your home to boost your chances of selling it?

5 April 2023

What Colour Should You Paint Your Home To Boost Your Chances Of Selling It?

But of course, one of the most important things when selling your home is ensuring that the property is attractive to potential buyers – and part of that is allowing them to...

Is owning your home cheaper than renting?

5 April 2023

Is Owning Your Home Cheaper Than Renting?

Despite the current climate of high mortgage rates, data from Halifax shows that owning a home was still cheaper than renting in 2022. In some parts of the UK, rental costs work out at 20% more...

Less is more - smaller properties favoured by buyers

5 April 2023

Less Is More - Smaller Properties Favoured By Buyers

Key takeaways Higher mortgage rates mean buyers are shifting their attention to smaller properties Terraced houses are the most in-demand property type right now Buyers also favour...

Why have house prices risen this month?

5 April 2023

Why Have House Prices Risen This Month?

Sellers tend to price their homes higher at this time of year because it’s a more competitive market for buyers. And this means average asking prices typically rise. The monthly house...

12 March 2023

Sansome & George Win Reputation Award!

The name Sansome and George has been providing unparalleled service to their clients and established over 45 years. The company has grown into a highly respected firm with an impressive reputation...

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